Hello. I need to figure out what I want to say about myself here such that you walk away from this encounter with a sneaking suspicion that you had crossed paths with a rather brilliantly dimwitted, or a dimwittedly brilliant person. I think that the trick is to keep writing. At first glance my reasonably adequate facility with words might seem to connote high intelligence, but with continued reading it would become readily apparent that it is high primate intelligence on display—I can use your words, but mostly I’m just asking for food and time on the tire swing.

This is a journal—outside of some event-specific writings, the first journal I’ve ever made into a regular practice. The first time I will see my own thoughts regularly externalized.

I hope over time to share my heart. At the simple beating center of its myriad layers and complexities is the spiritual impulse, the striving toward oneness. I hope to focus on the mystical aspect of my journey, that which is most interior and true to me; that which, even when serving in a spiritually oriented organization among those similarly seeking, goes often unarticulated.

This is the journey of one embarked upon the flight toward that great Logos in the realization of Self seen through the gaps in the prison bars of his own unliberated, flesh-encased, error-prone, mortal and stumbling human personality.

Primarily, I imagine, this may be helpful to me. But maybe one or two others will find something worth observing in the mirror here.

I do wish you peace, dear awakening one.